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High in the hills of Massachusetts is a CASTLE.  Built in 2005 out of mainly green, energy efficient materials, the CASTLE has a strange, both enticing and forbidding energy all its own.   It has always been a hot bead of paranormal activity and in the last year that activity has increased exponentially. 




The first paranormal event took place when two men were hired to help clear a small portion of the woods. They slept in an old trailer at the top of the land.  The area is very remote, yet in the middle of the night the men heard someone...or something... pounding on the trailer door.  The trailer shook from each blow and the men were scared to death.  They eventually mustered up enough courage to look outside, and they saw red, glowing eyes everywhere.  At first light the men left and refused to return.

Supernatural Castle -

A Personal Invitation From Scole

During our many shows at the Castle we have experienced phenomena before the show starts, while on the air with guests, and even after the show.  One of the biggest surprises we had was a visit from the entire Scole Spirit Team - 22 of them - from the other side.  They showed up in my bedroom two nights prior to our show with Scole Medium and Researcher Robin Foy.  Not only did they show up, they became corporeal.  I could see them clearly and they could and did touch me.  One lovely lady was wearing her trademark fine lace dress and I was able to reach out and touch it myself.  An incredible evening before the show that I will never forget.

Apparently they were interested in Supernatural Girlz and found us to be likely candidates to continue on with the experiment which began in the 90's in Scole, UK.  A terrific video can be found about the original Scole group here:  The Afterlife Investigations
And then the portals began to open...


Here are three photos from a trail camera set up on the Castle property.  Keep in mind there is no artificial lighting anywhere - not on the street and not on the driveway.  And look at the reaction of the coyote.  That tells the story. The portal has opened and the Beings are coming through...

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