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Appointments may be conveniently booked via phone or skype.

For details & to schedule an appointment please  e-mail | or use the booking service 

Patricia is a Dream Analyst, Life Coach, and

Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner. 

Patricia has over 25 years experience with

life transformation and unlocking the secrets 

and symbolism of the unconscious mind.

To book a session please either contact via

e-mail at,

or use the booking service available here:

Dream Analysis:

30 minutes    $ 75

60 minutes    $150

(4) 60 minute sessions     $ 550


Life Coaching :  

60 minutes    $ 150

(4) 60 minute sessions      $ 550

Soul Realignment:

90 minutes    $ 200

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Patricia Kirkman.jpg

Do You Want a Powerful View into Your World through Your Personal Name and Numbers?

I have answers through numerology to assist you

in obtaining the most out of your life!

This is the best time to change your world and share your personal gifts.


For a Numerology/Astrology reading that is beyond compare, contact Patricia Kirkman:

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