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Supernatural Girlz

Supernatural Girlz is known for interviewing the top guests in the paranormal field; from experts on UFOs and alien abductions to witches and shamanistic healers.  Some of the show’s stellar guests include Michael Chaplin, son of Charlie Chaplin and author of A Fallen God, Uri Geller, a world renowned psychic, known best for bending spoons telekinetically, and for his work with the Mossad and CIA; and NY Times best-selling author Ben Mezrich, author of The 37th Parallel, which exposes UFO sightings along the 37th parallel.  Mezrich is best known for writing the books that the movies 21 and The Social Network were based on. 

“We’ve seen an explosion in our listening audience in the past year,”

explains host Patricia Baker.  Their audience is quite impressive – very intelligent – and they ask insightful questions that make everyone think more deeply about the topic of the evening.

 Supernatural Girlz airs live Wednesdays from 7:30-9:00 PM EDT on Inception Radio Network, (  Other ways to listen to the show are through Google Play, iTunes, Nobex Radio, Roku and Shoutcast. Past shows can be downloaded from the archives on the Inception Radio Network and Supernatural Girlz websites.  Supernatural Girlz is on Facebook, and Twitter @SupernaturalGlz.  To join their paranormal audience, visit:


Boston, MA:  Supernatural Girlz, “Where Paranormal is Normal,” (, a hit internet radio show covering supernatural topics, has surpassed 2.3 million live listeners. Supernatural Girlz is in the top 2% of all shows, on Stitcher, which is host to a variety of 40,000 shows.  The archived episodes of Supernatural Girlz have been downloaded almost a million times from their website. Since the show’s move from Blog Talk Radio to Inception Radio Network in June 2015, Supernatural Girlz’ audience has grown exponentially.

The show is hosted by paranormal researcher and expert, Patricia Baker and is co-hosted by numerologist Patricia Kirkman, (PK). Originally the show was created by Patricia Baker in 2013 and co-hosted by famed psychic medium Helene Olsen.  Olsen passed away from cancer in 2015 and Baker continued the show with PK.

Press Release

Hit Radio Show Supernatural Girlz Reaches 2.3 Million Listeners

An Epic Battle Between Light & Darkness

Paranormal Events of The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders



On Wednesday, July 29th at 7:30 PM Eastern, Supernatural Girlz Radio, host Patricia Baker and co-host Patricia Kirkman will discuss the paranormal events surrounding the Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders.  Three young girls were tragically and horrifically murdered on the first night of girl scout camp June 12, 1977, at Camp Scott, Mayes County, Oklahoma.

The investigators were stymied by unusual events that defied explanation, and frightened by talk of the perpetrator being involved with powerful dark magic and shape-shifting.  Guests of Supernatural Girlz who will be on the show are

Rene Barnett, host of NightVision Radio, Oklahoma native and case expert; George Lugo, world-renowned psychic medium; and Native American Medicine Man Michael Bastine, who was apprentice to Tuscarora Medicine Man, Mad Bear Anderson.


“When Rene first told me of this shocking case I was beyond heartbroken for the young victims and their relatives,” explains Baker. “As we looked further into the paranormal events surrounding this, we clearly saw a battle emerge between the dark and the light – one that we can all learn from.  The scars of that night will remain, but we are hoping to bring more light to these events,” adds Baker.  Barnett has always seen this as a story that needs to be told and one that shows there are dark, inhuman forces at work in our world.  “This is not about any religion, ethnicity, or color.  This is about good and evil,” explains Barnett.


Supernatural Girlz Radio, “where paranormal is normal” airs every Wednesday night from 7:30 – 9:00 PM on Inception Radio Network.  The show became a hit on Blogtalk Radio Network garnering over 750,000 listeners.  Supernatural Girlz now airs on inception Radio Network and listeners can hear the show from the website or download any of the IRN Apps for smartphones.  All shows are archived at IRN and at


Rene Barnett’s NightVision radio show discussing the facts of the case will air on Wednesday, July 29th at 6:00 PM Eastern,

Paranormal Development Team Provides
Supernatural Support to Film and Television Projects





In 2008 Barnett’s nearly 30 years of investigation into the shadowy worlds of conspiracy, the occult, and hidden history culminated in her first theatrical film, Bloodline, a critically acclaimed documentary investigation into the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the secret society Priory of Sion, which premiered to sold out audiences and critical acclaim. Barnett’s professional background spans other media as well.  She was managing editor of UFO Magazine and worked with Don Ecker and Star Trek: Next Generation’s Dwight Schultz on the popular radio show UFOs Tonight! Barnett returned to her radio roots 8 years ago and established NightVision Radio, a weekly talk show covering conspiracies, hidden history and the paranormal. NightVision Radio also broadcasts on Inception Radio Network.


Producers have discovered that the paranormal world is not easily navigated and it saves time and money to consult with Baker & Barnett for quick answers to their development needs.  Not only do Baker & Barnett know all the credible researchers and authors, but also the very real people who have experienced, witnessed or been involved in strange events.  Their combined years of experience plus an enormous number of contacts in their database make Baker and Barnett invaluable and give paranormal television and film production a much-needed, efficient edge. According to Barnett, “Patricia and I have been fortunate, due to both our longtime radio shows, to remain in constant contact with the latest information and experts in these fields. Due to accelerated demand for more quality paranormal programming, we decided it was time to combine our resources and provide our expertise.”

“We are passionate about the paranormal,” adds Baker.  When a producer, company or network hires us they are getting our knowledge of the entire field, understanding of the audience, knowledge of television and film production and our unbridled enthusiasm for all things paranormal.”

Paranormal experts Patricia Baker and René Barnett have created a company to assist film and television writers, producers and networks with accurate paranormal facts, contacts and stories to make their production a winner with the ever-expanding paranormal audience.


Baker, a sociologist, has over twenty years of personal and professional experience with everything from UFO investigations to Bigfoot to life after death.  Baker is  considered a powerful intuitive and leader in the paranormal field.  She worked for the Monroe Institute, and years before “The Secret” became popular had a private practice in dream analysis and trained hundreds of people to access altered states and change their reality.  Baker founded her own advertising and marketing agency  in 1996 and remains Vice President at Big Picture Agency, Inc. but her heart has remained with the paranormal. Baker began a radio show several years ago, Supernatural Girlz, “Where Paranormal is Normal,”  ( and it quickly found an audience of over 750,000 listeners on Blogtalk Radio. Baker recently moved Supernatural Girlz to Inception Radio Network, ( in order to provide enhanced sound quality and reach an even larger audience.


Barnett, a veteran reality television producer and consultant, has produced hundreds of hours of television for U.S. networks and cable channels in the U.S. and the UK. Many of her programs have been broadcast worldwide. Her credits include Ripleys Believe it or Not, Strange Universe, Guinness Book of Records Primetime, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura and many others.  Barnett also provides research and casting assistance to TV networks and production companies.



Patricia Baker:


René Barnett:


Areas of Expertise include:


Altered states of consciousness



Akashic Records

Ancient Anomalies

Animal Communication

Astral Projection

Crop Circles

Cryptoids – Bigfoot, Reptilians, Mothman, El Chupacabra


Demons and Possession

Dream Interpretation & Lucid Dreaming

Earth Mysteries

Extraterrestrials – Alien contact, alien abduction

Faeries and Gnomes



Holy Grail – bloodline families, Knights Templar, heretical Christians, Inquisition


Monsters ~ vampires, werewolves



Pagan Magick & Witchcraft

Parallel Universes



Psychic Abilities, including Psychometry. Telekinesis, Clairaudience


Secret Societies

Indigenous magic – Medicine Men & Women, Shaman, Folk Practitioners

Hidden History


Time Travel

UFOs and other aerial anomalies

June 16, 2013


Supernatural Girlz Radio Moves to Inception Radio Network

Amidst Tragedy Show Climbs in the Ratings


Boston, MA   It has been an exciting and sometimes challenging road for the hit paranormal radio show, Supernatural Girlz, ( On Wednesday, June 17th  at 7:30 EDT Supernatural Girlz will make its move from Blogtalk to Inception Radio Network, (, reaching a much larger audience.


Supernatural Girlz has the apt tag line, “where paranormal is normal,” and was founded by paranormal researcher, Patricia Baker and psychic/medium, Helene Olsen in March 2013. Sadly, Helene Olsen, passed away from pancreatic cancer in the Spring of 2015, but the show continues with Patricia Baker as host and world-renowned numerologist Patricia Kirkman, ( as co-host.


Their supernatural guest list includes the very best of paranormal experts and authors on subjects from Bigfoot to Afterlife Experiments to Shamanic healing and more.  “If its paranormal, we talk about it,” explains Baker.  The Girlz are well known for their easy conversational style offering up enlightenment and entertainment for the listening audience.  They are also known for bringing paranormal events right into the listeners’ own living room.  “We’ve had supernatural things happen right on the air and the audience gets to have the same experience we’re having,” adds Baker.  Baker and Kirkman are both intuitives who have had many of their own supernatural experiences. Baker is also a well-known dream and symbol analyst and has a handbook called Dream Comm available on Becky Andreasson, daughter of famous UFO abductee Betty Andreasson, (The Andreasson Affair), also participates as guest co-host on all UFO-related shows.


The new broadcast venue for Supernatural Girlz, Inception Radio Network, is devoted to delivering the best in audio quality and content delivery of all that encompasses the UFO, Paranormal, Conspiracy, and Cryptozoology field through their many shows.  Inception Radio Network launched in 2010 and is growing rapidly at an accelerated rate. Inception currently broadcasts from two studios; Superior, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois.  The Inception shows are available on their own website,,; Youtube; Tune In; Stitcher; Roku;, and Nobex.


Supernatural Girlz airs LIVE every Wednesday, 7:30 – 9:00 PM EDT.  All shows are archived for the listeners’ convenience.


Media Contact:  Big Picture Agency, Inc.

September 15, 2014

New Dominion Pictures Signs Supernatural Girlz

      for Original Paranormal Reality Series


Boston, MA   New Dominion Pictures has signed Supernatural Girlz for an original paranormal reality series.  Paranormal researcher Patricia Baker, Psychic/Medium Helene Olsen and Clairvoyant Becky Andreasson, all hosts of Supernatural Girlz Radio are signed for the new show.  Patricia Baker and Helene Olsen are current hosts of the hit radio show Supernatural Girlz,, and both have a long history exploring paranormal phenomena. 


Baker has investigated numerous high profile UFO cases, hauntings and unexplained phenomena.  She is the author of a concise handbook on dreaming for personal power (DREAM COMM) and is an internationally recognized expert in altered states of consciousness and dream analysis. 

Olsen, ( is a world-renowned Psychic/ Medium, who specializes in contact with the Angelic realm.  She is a licensed reader in Salem, MA and frequent guest on national radio.

Andreasson is the daughter of UFO legend Betty Andreasson. Her family's extraordinary experiences are the subject of an unprecedented best-selling five-book series beginning with The Andreasson Affair.  Becky is the heir to this paranormal legacy, and was trained in early childhood by the Elders.  She is a Clairvoyant and Keeper of the Ancient Angelic Language. 

Supernatural Girlz Radio airs every Wednesday 7:30 – 9:00 PM EST on Blogtalk Radio.  The show has accumulated over 325,000 listeners since their debut in March 2013 and features the top paranormal experts and authors from around the world. The show has a friendly, entertaining and informational style.  Each show begins with the hosts talking about the mundane – weather, lawn mowing, kids, and escalates quickly to UFO abductees, messages from Archangels and even Appalachian Root Conjuring.  Numerologist Patricia Kirkman, (, a recent addition to the show, offers an inside look “by the numbers” at the stars of paranormal television shows such as Supernatural, Orphan Black and The Vampire Diaries.

Known for its top quality programming, New Dominion Pictures is a major supplier and was voted onto Realscreen Magazine’s Global 100 - an annual list of the top 100 production companies working in non-fiction.

Their dynamic and popular productions include A Haunting, Ghost Stories, Buried Secrets, Fantom Works, Special Forces Untold Stories, FBI File, and Diagnosis Unknown.


Media Contact:

Patricia Baker/ Big Picture Agency, Inc.

April 4th, 2014

Supernatural Girlz Radio Has Paranormal Answers

The world of the supernatural continues to fascinate audiences worldwide. Television shows like Long Island Medium, Paranormal Witness & Ghosthunters continue to pull high ratings and have left networks scrambling to find more paranormal shows. Meanwhile supernatural topics are also dominating theairwaves with Supernatural Girlz Radio, “Where the Paranormal is Normal” (, based in Western Mass leading the pack with a hit radio show that debuted in March 2013.   

The show is hosted by Patricia Baker and Becky Andreasson, where they offer their professional knowledge to listeners about all things paranormal. From werewolves, to UFOs, to haunted houses, Supernatural Girlz have been helping people like us better understand these spooky topics. And they know their stuff. Since their debut in March 2013, the Girlz hit record-breaking audience numbers of over 300,000 listeners. Host, Patricia Baker, is an author, paranormal researcher and expert dream analyst. Her co-host, Becky Andreasson, is the daughter of world-renowned UFO abductee, Betty Andreasson, and inherited the same family legacy.


Baker and Andreasson interview top paranormal experts from all over the world including a government black ops who claimed to be the real X-Files, Fox Mulder; former military who have themselves been abducted by UFOs; Ed and Marsha Becker from The Haunting; world renowned dowser Raymon Grace; and even Charlie Chaplin’s son, Michael who wrote a book about Destiny. The wide variety of topics give listeners a rare look into all things supernatural from some of the best in the world. The archived shows are easily accessible on in case you miss it at its scheduled time, Saturday nights, 9:00 to 11:00 P.M. Eastern.


Recently, paranormal and supernatural discussions have been a popular topic here at Westfield State University. In the freshman dormitory, Davis Hall, there have been numerous reports of a ghost within its walls. According to student accounts, in room F12 of this dorm, a boy took his own life many years ago during Easter Break. His spirit is reported to come at nighttime and open the closet door.

The occurrences do not stop there. Many students living in off-campus apartments have reported spirits within their homes, as well. Corrine Haskard of 11 Lincoln Street explains her story. “My roommates and I joke about a girl that haunts the house, but some of the things I’ve experienced make me believe that there may be a ghost in our house,” she says. Haskard explains that there have been multiple occurrences where she felt that her house was haunted. She recalls a time when she was in her room and heard someone walk into her house. She assumed that it was one of her roommates. “I got up to go see which roommate came home but no one was in the house and both the front and back door were still locked,” says Haskard. She explains that strange things happen frequently within her house and that it is hard not to believe that it is indeed haunted. Haskard then conveys that if there is a spirit within the house, she most definitely is not interested in communicating or bothering it. “To be honest, I think that if I would mess with it, it will only get worse,” she adds.


With so many reports of hauntings on campus and on the Internet I had to ask the Supernatural Girlz hosts why this was happening now. They responded that the “veil” between the worlds is much thinner now and people who normally could not see ghosts are seeing them and with some regularity. The Girlz say that more times than not there is nothing to be afraid of from the spirit world, and ghosts who are mischievous or even wicked tend to be in the minority. If people want to find out more they can visit, subscribe to their newsletter, “The Fringe Files,” follow them on Twitter, (@supernaturalglz), Facebook ( and Pinterest (Supernatural Girlz) and of course listen to the show 9 – 11: 00 PM Eastern time on Blogtalk Radio.

Supernatural Girlz Makes Paranormal the New Normal

​The Voice​ Newspaper

 By: Meaghan Flaherty and Jessica Rice

Today, paranormal topics have arrived on a new popular wave that, with the help of the media, has found their way into our daily lives.  Formerly considered a fringe subject of interest only to a few, the paranormal has turned into a subject of major interest to the mainstream public.The Internet, television and film are filled with hundreds of platforms that showcase everything from possessions to hunting Bigfoot. Television shows such as Long Island Medium and Ghost Hunters are just two examples of breakout hits that continue to attract large audiences. Another hit is now in the making on radio with the show Supernatural Girlz on the Blogtalk Radio Network.

Ghosts, ghouls and zombies are now a part of our casual conversation.  It is not uncommon to hear stories of hauntings or the latest psychic predictions discussed around the water cooler. In fact, according to a recent Infographics Poll on, 71% of people have had a paranormal experience.

Sociologists, Christopher Bader and F. Carson Mencken of Baylor University, and Joseph Baker of East Tennessee State University, report in their new book,Paranormal America, that more than two-thirds of Americans have paranormal beliefs.

Interest in the paranormal appears to appeal to a wide range of people from many different backgrounds, from pre-teens to seniors.  Julianna Seguin, a student at Westfield State University said, “ I think that people are becoming more in-tune with their spiritual side and because of this they are more interested in the paranormal and what it has to offer.”

Whether you have a passing interest or are up for more serious discourse, it is becoming much easier to find information on all things paranormal on the radio. Supernatural Girlz, (, hosted by world renowned psychic medium Helene Olsen and paranormal researcher Patricia Baker launched on Saturday, March 16th to almost 40,000 listeners.  The show offers interviews with top guests in the paranormal field.

Baker and Olsen originally began broadcasting in October of 2012, under the name “Angels Lighthouse.” They immediately gained a large following, and quickly decided that they had to make the jump to their own network to accommodate the rapidly expanding audience and demand for longer shows.

This move to a larger radio platform also comes with the launch of their new website as well as a Facebook Fan page, Pinterest Board, giveaways and more. Last week two lucky listeners won an autographed copy of Karen Anderson’s book, Hear All Creatures, and a psychic reading with Helene Olsen.

Features of the website include archives of past shows, a weekly blog, paranormal photos and videos, a featured paranormal news story every week, and announcements about the upcoming guests with a link to the live show. “All the social media platforms are in place to make it easy for the audience to connect with us and our guests,”  explains  Baker.  “We want Supernatural Girlz to be a great big exciting ride for fans of the paranormal, and most importantly, easily accessibile.” Android and iPhone Apps are currently in the works, along with a more sophisticated instant chat and messaging system.

For those who want to hear a personal message from the Angelic realm or would like a private psychic reading, appointments can be booked with Olsen at Even if you’re not sure about paranormal topics, as the catchy opening begins on the show, “Archangels, Ghosts, and Bigfoot, oh my! Its just another night for Supernatural Girlz;”you may find yourself being drawn in to the new “normal.”  And, if you enjoy hearing Mediums talk to dead people and want to hear more about the latest UFO abduction, you can now consider yourself part of the mainstream, getting all the latest and greatest supernatural news from your very own network, Supernatural Girlz Radio.  To find out what’s happening on Supernatural Girlz, you can sign up for their weekly newsletter at and tune in to the show every Saturday night from 9 – 11:00 PM beginning March 16th on Blogtalk Radio.

June 3, 2013

Supernatural Girlz Radio is a Bona Fide Hit

Over the Top With 100,000+ Audience

“To put this in perspective, here in Texas we have an established terrestrial radio station that has worked its way up to 35,000 over a period of years.  It is a testament to the talent of Olsen and Baker that they have found their audience immediately and it is growing so quickly.  People know what is good radio and what is worth listening to, and clearly that is Supernatural Girlz,” says Clements.

The show, which is available worldwide on the Internet via Blogtalk Radio, begins with banter between the two hosts about the events in the “normal” side of their lives such as kids, gardening and the weather.  The discussion quickly turns to the latest paranormal news and the Girlz’ own paranormal adventures, of which there are many.  The guest for the night is introduced, and the radio board lights up with audience call-ins and visitors to the Supernatural Girlz chat room.

The show’s guests are quite varied.  One week Charlie Chaplin’s son, Michael joined the Girlz to discuss the topic of destiny and his new book, A Fallen God.  Another show featured a member of Navy intelligence known as “the real Fox Muldar,” and yet another featured an interview with a legend in UFO history, Betty Andreasson, who came back into the public eye only for Supernatural Girlz Radio.

Olsen, who also teaches workshops and offers private readings from her website is a seasoned radio guest herself with appearances on Coast to Coast AM, The Jeff Rense Show and Godlike Productions.  “Supernatural Girlz has been so much fun.   Sometimes that two hours on Saturday night is the absolute wildest roller coaster ride, yet I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We have met so many wonderful people through the show, guests and audience members,” adds Olsen.

“We have excellent guests who trust us,” adds Baker, “and a great audience that asks intelligent, well thought out questions. It all makes for a lively, fast-paced show.”  The show’s attraction to the large, paranormal loving audience goes beyond terrific LIVE guests, however, as the Girlz are often paid visits on air by guests from the other side. 

Helene, a world-renowned psychic medium has been known to communicate on air with dead relatives who have a message for a  scheduled guest or even a caller.  When Robin Foy from the famous Scole Experiment in the UK came to the show, his entire Scole group who had passed many years before all came with him. 

“I will never forget it!” shares Baker, “This amazing group of 22 dead people showed up, and I do mean, ‘showed up.’” According to Baker they were powerful enough to reach out and touch her as if they were corporeal.  The entire experience sent a chill down the collective audience’s spine!

The audience enjoys this extra dimension that Olsen and Baker offer.  Everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting to see who will turn up.  No one knows exactly what is going to happen next and it keeps the show exciting.  The one thing the audience can be sure of every week is a great show with thought provoking content and lots of entertainment.  What’s next for the Girlz?  Look for their Supernatural Girlz book and TV show!


                                                        For more visit

​Media Contact:
Catherine Hildebrande

Boston, MA    When psychic medium Helene Olsen asked paranormal researcher Patricia Baker to co-host a radio show, Patricia thought it would be a fun thing to do.   “There are hundreds, if not thousands of paranormal radio shows out there.  I knew starting out we would just be one of many, and we expected to gain ground gradually,” explains Baker.  Little did either of them know that in just a few short months their show would be such a big hit.

Supernatural Girlz, ( debuted to an unheard of audience of 35,000 in mid-March.  The Girlz broadcast just once a week, every Saturday night from 9 – 11:00 PM EST and cover paranormal topics as well as leading edge alternative health subjects. 

Charles Clements, Radio Market Development executive with Commotion, Inc. is duly impressed with the Girlz audience numbers.

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