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December 2013

Police Chase UFO for Miles

1966, Portage County


The sightings occurred on April 17th, 1966 with the first report actually coming in from a female civilian witness in Summit County, Ohio who described a brightly lit object 'as big as a house but too low to be a plane' flying over her neighborhood (apparently police officers in patrol cars laughed about it) but then later on two other officers, Dale Spaur and Wilbur Neff also witnessed a very strange object coming over the treeline of a hill whilst investigating an abandoned car on Route 224 near Ravenna. 


According to the officers the object then came from the South and hovered directly over their patrol car, illuminating the immediate area with an intense light making it 'as bright as day' -they also stated the car's head-lights 'did not make nearly as much light as the object did' and also that it was 'like looking at a welder's torch'. 


* The report also states that another Deputy Sheriff situated on the other side of the hill in Atwater also witnessed the UFO over the treeline in the direction of Spaur and Neff but unfortunately wanted to remain anonymous. 

the two officers then got to their patrol car and radioed in a report, they were then instructed to pursue the object by Sergeant Schoenfelt (who was trying to get a 'photo unit' to the scene) which they did at speeds ranging up to 100 mph whilst constantly reporting their position to other squad cars from different jurisdictions. 


It's stated several other officers also witnessed the UFO and joined in the chase, a good example being Officer H. Wayne Huston who saw the object being pursued by Spar and Neff's sheriff's cruiser and joined in 'bumper to bumper'. 

Spear and Neff turned south on Route 183, then back east on Route 224, which placed the object to their right, and out the left _ "At this time,” said Spaur. "it came straight south, just one motion, buddy, just a smooth glide . . ." and began moving east with them pacing it, just to their right at an estimated altitude of 300-500 feet, illuminating the ground beneath it. Once more the UFO darted to the north, now left of the car, and they sped up to over 100 mph to keep pace with it. As the sky became brighter with predawn light, Spaur and Neff saw the UFO in silhouette, with a vertical projection at its rear. The object began to take on a metallic appearance as the chase continued. Spaur kept up a running conversation with other police cars that were trying to catch up with them. Once when they made a wrong turn at an intersection, the object stopped, then turned and came back to their position. Police Officer Wayne Huston of East Palestine, Ohio, situated near the Pennsylvania border, had been monitoring the radio broadcasts and was parked at an intersection he knew the Portage County officers would he passing soon. Shortly afterward he saw the UFO pass by with the sheriff's cruiser in hot pursuit. He swung out and joined the chase.

Watch video here to see what happens next! 

November 2013

Time Travel Tunnel in China?


As strange as it sounds, there are reports coming from China that a “Time Travel Tunnel” has been discovered. The tunnel seems to have the unexplained ability to cause those who travel through it, to lose one hour of time. For example, if you enter the tunnel at 8:00 am and exit the tunnel at 8:05 am, your watch, cell phone and all other devices will read 7:05 am. A reporter in China who has written an article on the phenomenon has personally tested the tunnel and claims that it works over 80% of the time. Einstein theorized about the existence of wormholes, that could bend and connect time/space. Could this tunnel be one? What do you think? What could be causing this time loss phenomenon? A wormhole? A portal? Or as the video suggests, a haunting?

Watch the video here

Bad Elves in Iceland?


Seven years after she vanished without a trace, a female anthropologist emerged from a mysterious cave where authorities believe she may have been held hostage by real-life elves!  Danish researcher Kalena Søndergaard was stark naked, covered by dust and babbling incoherently when rescuers found her outside a tiny opening in the famous Elf Rock, traditionally believed to house the underground dwelling place of mankind’s tiny cousins.

“She was crouching like an animal and spoke only in a language unrelated to any we know,” said Arnor Guðjohnsen of the National Rescue Service, which airlifted the 31-year-old survivor to a hospital by helicopter. “The only word we could understand was ‘alfur,’ an old Icelandic word for elves. On her back were strange tattoos similar to those markings Viking explorers found on rock formations when they settled Iceland in 874, traditionally known as ‘elf writing.’ ”

Kalena, who was seeking proof of the existence of elves, was reported missing in January of 2006. At the time, police suspected she was the victim of foul play, but an intensive search failed to turn up any remains. On Feb. 4, 2013, hikers spotted the scientist crawling on all fours on a ledge high on the rocky hill, moving “more like an ape than a human being,” one of the hikers told a newspaper.

Belief in elves is widespread. One poll shows that 70 % of inhabitants believe they share the country with the pint-size underground race they call the Huldufolk or “hidden people.”

“The hidden people live in the underworld right beneath the ground in rocks and hills,” according to Haukur Ingi Jónasson, a leading Icelandic theologian and psychoanalyst.

 The government takes age-old legends about elves so seriously that roads are built around rocks formations associated with the creatures. Factories cannot be constructed until government experts certify there are no underground elf dwellings at the site.

 Dr. Niels Kristiansen was one of Kalena’s colleagues of at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and says the anthropologist wrote her doctoral thesis on elf folklore.

“Until recently most experts assumed that stories about elves in Iceland were merely fairytales,” reveals Dr. Kristiansen. “But the discovery in 2003 of the so-called Hobbit in Liang Bua cave on the remote Indonesian island of Flores confirmed that a race of diminutive humanoids lived there as recently as 12,000 years ago.

 Generally, elves rarely attack humans unless provoked. However, there are many Icelandic folktales about the Huldufolk invading farmhouses for food during the rough winters. Why they would have taken the attractive young scientist prisoner remains a mystery.

“Kalena may have stumbled onto an entryway to their kingdom,” Dr. Kristiansen speculates. “That act of trespass may have angered the hidden people and perhaps they took her captive so she couldn’t reveal their secret doorway to other outsiders.”

For more information, click here

Archangel Michael Weeps in Greece


Inhabitants of Rhodes are talking about a miracle, having seen on Saturday morning an icon of the Archangel Michael weeping in the Sacred Church of the Archangel Michael in the Old Cemetery of Lalyssos.


At 2:00 PM Metropolitan Kyrillos of Rhodes went to the place himself where the icon can be found following reports from the faithful, in order to determine if this was a miracle or some other event.


The Metropolitan, after indeed verifying there were what looked like tears on the face of the Archangel, asked for the icon to be moved from the place it was hanging.


They then examined the back side of the icon as well as the wall on which it rested to determine if there was moisture which passed on to the icon.


Having established that this was impossible, the Metropolitan of Rhodes testified that this was in fact a miracle, and he asked that the icon be brought to the Sacred Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos in Lalyssos for public veneration, as well as to see if a change in environment would halt the phenomenon.


"We will move it to the big church to see how the phenomenon evolves," Metropolitan Kyrillos told the faithful who had gathered in the small chapel.


The first to see the icon weeping were women who went on Saturday morning to open the church and who in turn informed the vicar of the church.


The vicar, Fr. Apostolos, informs us that the icon was constructed in 1896 and had recently undergone maintenance by the archaeological department.


As of today, the icon continues to weep in its new environment, sometimes stopping but then continuing again, and it is even reported that a second icon of the Archangel Michael is weeping from the original church as well. Large crowds have gathered to venerate the icon and have been anointed with the holy myrrh.

October 2013


Witness Comes Forward


Corporal John Weygandt was on the scene of a UFO crash in Peru and he claims he had company from the DOE, Department of Energy. According to Weygandt, the DOE was on the scene immediately after him, taking control of the situation, with many men in black. Weygandt was there just 15 minutes but because he had an up close look into the craft and the outer parts of the craft he was immediately arrested. The men dressed in black said they are on their own program and don’t follow orders from anyone, "we just do what we want."

Weygandt claims there were life forms in the ship. He said he held the creatures' hands, which had only four fingers and that the men that were investigating the UFO in black suits were with a team called, “Delta, Oscar, Echo.


“I believe these aliens are inhabiting parts of the Peru area in underground bases, and have made an arrangement with the DOE to help cover up accidents. Evidence that aliens have been in Peru go back tens of thousands of year with the Nazca lines, also a recent alien mummy was found. I hope hackers investigate the DOE in Peru…it could be very interesting,” says Scott C. Waring  author of UFO Sightings Daily.


The existence of aliens could possibly explain the latest discovery of mummified, elongated skulls in Peru.  

The skull has soft spot which normally found in children in their first year of life but it has also two big molars which are common in adult human being. Davila Riquelme said that the three anthropologists from Russian and Spain also suggested that the creature is not a human being upon seeing the remains but they said further study must be conducted for concrete and precise analysis. 

TIME SLIP on BOLD Street, Liverpool


On a sunny Saturday afternoon in July of 1996, Frank and his wife, Carol was visiting Liverpool's Bold Street area for some shopping. At Central Station, the pair split up; Carol went to Dillons Bookshop and Frank went to HMV to look for a CD he wanted. As he walked up the incline near the Lyceum Post Office/Café building that lead onto Bold Street, Frank suddenly noticed he had entered a strange "oasis of quietness." 

Suddenly, a small box van that looked like something out of the 1950s sped across his path, honking its horn as it narrowly missed him. Frank noticed the name on the van's side: "Caplan's." When he looked down, the confused policeman saw that he was unexpectedly standing in the road. The off-duty policeman crossed the road and saw that Dillons Book Store now had "Cripps" over its entrances. More confused, he looked in to see not books, but women's handbags and shoes.

Looking around, Frank realized people were dressed in clothes that appeared to be from the 1940s. Suddenly, he spotted a young girl in her early 20's dressed in a lime-colored sleeveless top. The handbag she was carrying had a popular brand name on it, which reassured the policeman that maybe he was still partly in 1996. It was a paradox, but he was relieved, and he followed the girl into Cripps. 

As the pair went inside, Frank watched in amazement as the interior of the building completely changed in a flash to that of Dillons Bookshop of 1996. The girl turned to leave and Frank lightly grasped the girl's arm to attract attention and said, "Did you see that?"She replied, "Yeah! I thought it was a clothes shop. I was going to look around, but it's a bookshop." 

The Ghost of Lord Combermere


This photograph of the Combermere Abbey library was taken in 1891 by Sybell Corbet. The figure of a man can faintly be seen sitting in the chair to the left. His head, collar and right arm on the armrest are clearly discernable. It is believed to be the ghost of Lord Combermere.

Lord Combermere was a British cavalry commander in the early 1800s, who distinguished himself in several military campaigns. Combermere Abbey, located in Cheshire, England, was founded by Benedictine monks in 1133. In 1540, King Henry VII kicked out the Benedictines, and the Abbey later became the Seat of Sir George Cotton KT, Vice Chamberlain to the household of Prince Edward, son of Henry VIII. In 1814, Sir Stapleton Cotton, a descendent of Sir George, took the title "Lord Combermere" and in 1817 became became the Governor of Barbados. Today the Abbey is a tourist attraction and hotel.

Lord Combermere died in 1891, having been struck and killed by a horse-drawn carriage. At the time Sybell Corbet took the above photo, Combermere's funeral was taking place some four miles away. The photographic exposure, Corbet recorded, took about an hour. It is thought by some that during that time a servant might have come into the room and sat briefly in the chair, creating the transparent image. This idea was refuted by members of the household, however, testifying that all were attending Lord Combermere's funeral.

Interesting side note: Lord Combermere is connected to another well-known paranormal story: the famous "Moving Coffins" of Barbados. The coffins inside the sealed vault of the Chase family are said to have been moved about by unnatural forces. The heavy coffins were repeatedly put in proper order, but often when a new coffin was added to the vault, the coffins were found strewn about. Lord Combermere, while governor of Barbados, had ordered a professional investigation of the mystery.



There seems to be a growing trend among schools to stage a UFO crash, and then teach students how to react, as well as to “properly” investigate and report on the incident.

It sounds like a lot of fun, and a great way to fire up a student’s imagination as well as writing skills. Wish we would have done a staged UFO crash at my school.

The latest “UFO drill” took place Wed, Sept 29, at Sandford Primary School in the UK. The kids were treated to a full UFO crash scenario that included wreckage, police tape, and real police officers. (Perhaps it was only lacking men from the government telling the children not to talk about what was seen.)

What’s interesting is that “police were on hand to show the children how to properly investigate the UFO crash site.” Um, were any of the officers speaking from experience?

A news article at The Weston Mercury elaborates on the role played by the officers:

Teacher and organiser Victoria Shepherd said: “PCSO Wright and PC Church were brilliant. They helped the children secure the scene and talked about what to do in an emergency, how they gathered evidence, how to interview witnesses etc.”

Are UFO drills becoming something of a routine part of the curriculum in the UK? It’s certainly becoming more and more of a common event. Each time, it’s a joint exercise put in place by the school and local law enforcement.

A similar drill took place in Feb of 2009 when Lanchester Endowed Parochial Primary, in County Durham staged a surprise “crash” behind the school. In Sept 2008 “Children from an Edgware school were made to believe that aliens had landed in their playground by teachers and police." Again, each time it was conducted by the school system and police — teaching children what to do in event of a UFO event. Afterward, the kids are asked to write about their experience. The question is, why are the authorities staging this with young children? What is their true goal?  Could it be to get them acclimated to Extraterrestrial contact?

September 2013


The first week in October appears to be a popular time for prophecy with a soup to nuts batch of predictions.  


Three independent sources have recently claimed they were told that a large earthquake is going to hit the west coast of the United States on Thursday, October 3, 2013. Two of these sources identified the earthquake will measure 9.7 on the Richter scale. That would make it the largest earthquake in recorded history.

Since 1900 when earthquake records began, the largest earthquake was 53 years ago, a 9.5 in Chile. That earthquake was also accompanied by a 38 foot tsunami, which caused most of the casualties. The devastating earthquake and tsunami that destroyed northeastern Japan in 2011 was a 9.0 on the Richter scale. That earthquake caused a tsunami with a 133 foot wall of water. A 9.7 earthquake would be seven times stronger than the one that hit Japan. There have only been five earthquakes in history measuring 9.0 or higher, so it is very rare.

It is also rare for people to give specific dates and Richter scale measurements for these events. Usually people only see scenes from what is coming, but no dates. So to hear three independent sources all hearing the same date makes this all very unusual.

According to these sources, the Golden Gate Bridge will be broken in half by the tsunami. The remains of the bridge will be moved into a vertical position. The San Francisco valley will be flooded with water.  Other predictions for the first week in October include a solar storm that will knock out all electronics for months and another undisclosed event that will happen in Region III of the U.S. Do you have a prediction to share?

Please e-mail us: and we will begin posting these at

The Famous Petrifying Well


Mother Shipton was born Ursula Sontheil in 1488 in a cave beside the river Nidd in North Yorkshire, England. Close by was an ancient well with mystical powers. The woman who came to tend to her 15 year old mother, Agatha, spoke of a smell of sulphur and a great crack of thunder as the child came into the world. The baby was born mishapen and huge. Some thought her father was the devil. Her mother gave her up at age two and went to live in a convent for the rest of her life. Mother Shipton exhibited prophetic and psychic abilities from an early age. Many feared her and her powers mystical powers, which she always used to help people. She wrote her prophecies about events to come in the form of poems. She lived in the time of Henry VIII of England predicted his victory over France in 1513 --"Battle of the Spurs". She prophesized the Dissolution of the Monasteries. This led to the redistribution of the wealth and land held by the monasteries to the emerging middle class and the existing noble families. At 24 she married Toby Shipton, a carpenter. They had no children. She eventually became known as Mother Shipton and helped many people. Her power to see into the future made her well known not only in her home town but throughout England. Her legend was passed on through oral traditions sometimes embellished a bit. Since 1641 there have been more than 50 different editions of books about her and her prophecies. Many of her visions came true within her own lifetime and in subsequent centuries. Mother Shipton predicted important historical events many years ahead of their time - the Great Fire of London in 1666, the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 - as well as the advent of modern technology. She even forecast her own death in 1561. Today her prophecies are still proving uncannily accurate. She wrote her prophecies like poems and died in 1561. Her final prophecy speaks of another race coming to earth after most of the population has died.


And before the race is built anew,

a silver serpent comes to view

and spew out men of like unknown

to mingle with the earth now grown

cold from its heat and these men can

enlighten the minds of future man

to intermingle and show them how

to live and love and thus endow.

the children with the second sight.

a natural thing so that they might

grow graceful, humble and when they do

the golden age will start anew.


The Legend of Valiant Thor


Years ago I remember reading a book, STRANGER AT THE PENTAGON, which detailed a visit by a man from Venus named Valiant Thor. It was an intriguing story and now more is coming to the surface about this visitor.  Was this for real?  Is this yet another episode of alien visitation that was kept hidden from us? "In mid March, 1957, we received an urgent message from the Alexandria Police Department. The message indicated that two of their on-duty police officers had picked up an alien who had landed some 14 miles south of Pentagon Boulevard, and the occupant was transported to the Pentagon to meet with the Under Secretary of Defense and then shuttled underground to meet with President Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon. The meeting lasted for nearly an hour and then, the alien visitor was put on VIP status and was shuttled back to the Pentagon where he spent the night in the Army reception office on the first floor near the concourse. This alien's name was Valiant Thor.

Commander James was on duty at the Security Clearance and Review for the branch officer of the Project Blue Book. He oversaw the meeting through official channels and reported the landing and meeting of the "space emissary", as he was labeled by the Department of Defense, to a governing group of high military officials including Secretary of Defense F.F. Forestall and other scientific men of which there were twelve. They in turn made recommendations to the President and Cabinet members, the CIA, FBI, NSA, and so on.

The landing of Valiant Thor was perhaps the first documented landing of a human-type alien by military officials. He contacted an individual in the Pentagon who was an advocate of the UFO alien situation. "Nancy Warren" in turn contacted a minister, who was also a private investigator and theologian, a Dr. Frank E. Stranges, who then met with this individual. Dr. Stranges had been a guest speaker at the National Evangelistic Center for two weeks. 

Val Thor landed in Alexandria and met with the President to discuss the world's problems and offer advice and counsel on how to deal with and eliminate them. Safe to say that the problems he was discussing were more complex than savings bonds or how does an annuity work. He indicated to Mr. Eisenhower that the world was in a precarious situation and that if the world continued to proceed on a war footing - it would cause an economic imbalance throughout the world. Val Thor stayed on Earth until March 16, 1960, and then disembarked to his home planet Venus.

He indicated that his race of people lived and dwelled underground and that many of the planets throughout the universe sustain life in this same manner. He also mentioned the waves of aliens who would land around the world to help with the Earth's seemingly insurmountable problems. He stated that a group from a distant planetary system would be coming to give aid and data to help the Earth's progress. Val Thor spoke of Christ's presence in the universe and that it was heartwarming to see Christ's advanced teaching continuing. This visitation at the Pentagon marks perhaps a new era in knowledge, wisdom and understanding on our planet."  - Harley Andrew Byrd, Nephew to the late Rear Admiral Richard R.E. Byrd United States Navy, Stranger At the Pentagon.

Microchip Discovered in Skull of Napoleon Bonaparte

PARIS – If this is for real - it's stunning! Scientists examining the remains of Napoleon Bonaparte admit they are “deeply puzzled” by the discovery of a half-inch long microchip embedded in his skull.

They say the mysterious object could be an alien implant – suggesting that the French emperor was once abducted by aliens. “The possible ramifications of this discovery are almost too enormous to comprehend,” declared Dr. Andre Dubois, who made the astonishing revelation in a French medical journal.  “Until now, every indication has been that victims of alien abduction are ordinary people who play no role in world events.  Now we have compelling evidence that something acted in the past to influence human history – and may continue to do so!”  Dr. Dubois made the amazing find while studying Napoleon’s exhumed skeleton on a $140,000 grant from the French government.  “I was hoping to learn whether he suffered from a pituitary disorder that contributed to his small stature,” he explained.  But instead the researcher found something far more extraordinary: “As I examined the interior of the skull, my hand brushed across a tiny protrusion.  “I then looked at the area under a magnifying glass – and was stunned to find that the object was some kind of super-advanced microchip.”  From the extent of bone growth around the chip, the expert believes it was implanted when Bonaparte was young.  “Napoleon vanished from sight for a period of several days in July 1794, when he was 25. He later claimed he’d been held prisoner during the Themidorian coup – but no record of that arrest exists. I believe that is when the abduction took place.”  From that time on, Napoleon’s rise was meteoric. By the next year, he’d been put in charge of the French army in Italy.  Miraculously, he was able to transform starving, rag-tag troops into a top-notch fighting force and to crush the Italians.  In 1804, after a string of startling victories, the pint-size general crowned himself emperor of France – and his empire soon expanded to include what is now Germany and Austria, as well as Switzerland, Italy and Denmark.  “Napoleon used military strategies more than a hundred years ahead of his time,” said Dr. Dubois. “Perhaps the implant somehow enhanced his abilities.”  The implant could also explain Napoleon’s famous habit of holding his hand over his heart, he added.  “It’s possible that the device affected the electrical signals from his brain to his heart.”  By the time of his defeat by the British at Waterloo in 1815, Napoleon had altered the face of Europe.  “What Western history would have been like had the aliens not intervened, we can only guess,” observed Dr. Dubois. “Thus we cannot know whether they acted to help mankind or harm us.” And just recently, another news story breaks, "FDA approves computer chip for humans"


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