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Are you ready to uncover the core issue that is blocking your success.  Would you like to get it out of your way for good?

Numerologist Patricia Kirkman and Dream Analyst Patricia Baker will help you make it happen.
Whether your goal is health, prosperity or spiritual connection, PK & PB assist you with an easy, efficient way to clear blocks and achieve your heart's desire.

Price:  $450

Gift Certificates Available
Questions? Contact Patricia Baker:

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For Private Clairvoyant & Tarot Readings,

Mediumship, dream interpretation and dream groups contact Patricia

via e-mail:

   Appointments may be booked conveniently via phone or Skype.

For a Numerology/Astrology reading that is beyond compare, contact Patricia Kirkman:


A great Theosophical treatise translated from Old German into English. For every student of universal mysteries.

The Inada Sogno is the best massage chair on the market today!

Contact Patricia Baker for pricing details:

A concise new dream handbook from Patricia Baker. Everything you need to dream for personal power. 

Available on  

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Laughter is the best medicine! Need a big belly laugh?

This one's for you!

 This best-selling book is back!

 Order your copy now at Amazon!  

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Property taxes too high?

Let Attorney Quintilian light your way to understanding the property tax system to YOUR advantage!


Do you have a true supernatural story to tell? Are you the author of a paranormal book? Do you have clandestine information about UFOs, men in black, government cover-ups, strange unidentified creatures, or mysterious objects and places? We are always looking for credible authors and real people with real experiences!

Please contact us at: 


"I always enjoy listening to your show! I especially like the way you two always try to be positive and upbeat, while at the same time, not completely ignoring the dark side of what's happening on Planet Earth these days... Kudos to you for walking that fine line and keeping a balance."

Jeff S.,  Red Lion, PA

"Your program is soooooooooo great! ...Clean, positive, healthy energy - so skilled and knowledgable with a lot of wisdom/protection and simple, honest integrity.  You make me feel good with each show!"

Pat H.,  New Haven, CT


"I listen to SG every week and your show is the BEST paranormal show on the radio."

Frank C., Los Angeles, CA

"I thoroughly enjoyed our interview. It was perhaps the most intelligent array of questions I've ever had put to me.You really do your homework!  Please invite me back!"

Lon DuQuette, World Renowned Occult Expert and Author


"We have to say, Supernatural Girlz, are, absolutely Super!  Their warm, friendly,and relaxed approach lifts the Spirit, and provides a wealth of information, for guests and listening audience.  As recent guests, we couldn't have received a richer coming out of retirement experience.  Helene and Patricia, are a powerful combination of personalities.
Love you Galz!"

Betty and Bob Luca, UFO Abductees and the focus of 5 best-selling books, beginning with The Andreasson Affair

You will LOVE these Girlz!  

REAL stories, REAL answers to life's biggest Paranormal Mysteries

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